Endless runner type game, took Tappi Bear Space Rush and Ikaruga and put them together!

Made for the Summer Slow Jam July 2019! Super cool theme, 3 colors/3 inputs only!


Dodge debris or run into same colored debris! Survive!

On Screen Controls:

Just click on the buttons!

Keyboard Controls:

Left/Right, A/D - Move your character

Up, W, Space - Change color


July 22, 2019 - Thanks to all my friends who gave it a go! You guys probably won't read this but makes me really happy that some people are enjoying the game even if it's just a small number of you. It really motivates me to take the prototype and turn it into something more, so that you guys get your 5 minutes of fun :D


Known Bugs: Right now, there seems to be random periods of input lag, which really sucks. I'll definitely want to fix that next. Will make a separate project page so that it's not related to the game jam submission. Fixed!

Wishlist: Hearing all my friends reporting their high scores makes me really regretful I didn't implement some sort of high score server, so that's the number one enhancement I want to add. It may have to be hosted on not-itch though, but I will see what options I have available.


Music from YouFulca of Wingless Seraph, special thanks to Shadon for letting me know this awesome website exists for music!

Sound effects obtained from zapsplat.com

Development log

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