Endless runner type game, took Tappi Bear Space Rush and Ikaruga and put them together!

Made for the Summer Slow Jam July 2019! Super cool theme, 3 colors/3 inputs only!


Dodge debris or run into same colored debris! Survive!

On Screen Controls:

Just click on the buttons!

Keyboard Controls:

Left/Right, A/D - Move your character

Up, W, Space - Change color


July 22, 2019 - Thanks to all my friends who gave it a go! You guys probably won't read this but makes me really happy that some people are enjoying the game even if it's just a small number of you. It really motivates me to take the prototype and turn it into something more, so that you guys get your 5 minutes of fun :D


Known Bugs: Right now, there seems to be random periods of input lag, which really sucks. I'll definitely want to fix that next. Will make a separate project page so that it's not related to the game jam submission. Fixed!

Wishlist: Hearing all my friends reporting their high scores makes me really regretful I didn't implement some sort of high score server, so that's the number one enhancement I want to add. It may have to be hosted on not-itch though, but I will see what options I have available.


Music from YouFulca of Wingless Seraph, special thanks to Shadon for letting me know this awesome website exists for music!

Sound effects obtained from zapsplat.com

Updated 28 days ago
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Arcade, Endless, GameMaker, Pixel Art

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